MonaRonaDona – Don’t Get Stung

There's a new bit of malware out there going by the name "MonaRonaDona" and it basicially infects your PC, changes Internet Explorer's title bar to announce itself and does a few other more or less benign things. It's designed so that you Google the name and buy a piece of anti-malware for $40 which disables it.

The anti-malware program does, in fact, disable MonaRonaDona... and that's all it does. Nothing else.

The good folks over at DSL Reports' Security Forum have put together a sure-fre way to clean your system without shelling out the 40 bucks.

Get the details at this link:

MonaRonaDona removal

The oddest things so far is no one seems to know how you get infected in the first place... so remain vigilant, don't open emails that you don't recognize, and certainly don't do that with attachments.

Save early, save often.

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