Bettr Spelling Through Firefox

Firefox, the browser of choice for those of us running Windows at Jephens Tech., has built in spell checking for big text areas. That doesn't do us much good for these blog headlines and other one-line input fields... but the good folks at Mozilla HQ let us tweak Firefox to our hearts' content, so there's a very simple way to turn the spell-check on for single line input fields...

In your Firefox address bar, type


This will open the Pandora's Box of Firefoxy goodness. (I say it's Pandora's box because much evil and sadness can come to an errant entry... but much good can come of it as well, so tread carefully and don't change anything you don't understand.)

From here, you can enter into the filter screen the following bit:


This will filter the gigantic list into one entry:


Double-click on the entry there and change the value to 2. That will turn on spell-checking in all Firefox input forms.

Missspellinngs be gone!

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