Beware of New Linksys Layout and Port (Range) Forwarding

Got an email from a client this morning complaining that he could not access his SBS 2003 Remote Web Workplace.

He was getting a 403.6 error -- IP Address rejected.

This didn't make any sense, since we want every IP address to be able to access the site and access to the site was fine earlier in the week.

Even after re-running the CEICW (Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard) a few times, I couldn't connect to the site from outside the local subnet.

The only thing that had changed recently was our swapping out of their existing router for a new Linksys WRT110.

I've set up enough SBS boxes to know which ports we want to open. So I clicked on the "Applications and Gaming" tab and put in the mappings for ports 25, 80, 110, 143, 443-444, 3389 and 4125.

However, I didn't put them where I thought I did.

When you click on the "Applications and Gaming" tab in a WRT54G router, you're taken to a "Port Range Forwarding" page.

Linksys has been doing itthis way for years.

Not so in the WRT110 series!

Now you're brought to a "Single Port Forwarding" page. It looks kinda similar:

But instead of there being a port RANGE, it's a single port. So when you put 443 in the first box and 444 in the second box of the WRT110, it MAPS 443 to 444, and that causes your SSL authentication to fail and your IP to be rejected. It doesn't work like you think. For that, you need to go here:

And if you were to put 443 and 444 in the boxes, then it all works...

So, the moral of the story is, make sure you're forwarding your ports correctly.


  1. Really good article, but this doesn’t always seem to be compatible with my router ip address, any ideas?

  2. You shouldn’t have to open any ports on the router for the PS3.

    Do you have any wireless encryption turned on? It should just work, but the encryption would get in the way if it was turned on.

    Do you have any other devices that connect wirelessly to this router?

  3. im trying to get good internet access for my ps3 and im not sure that i opened the right ports and put the right numbers in the ports…….everytime i go to sign in i have to disconnect my modem and router from its power outlets and unplug my ps3 from its aswell…….i have called linksys n playstation network many of times but nothing can seem to get corrected…..basically i am wondering if u would know how i can get this running right and get signal in my room which is only about 30 feet away from the router……

  4. Whoa… this site is pretty awesome 🙂 your layout is really well designed, and your blogs are (judging from what i’ve read) very interesting. heehee… consider yourself favorited. 😛

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