My Droid Apps…

So, I'm not a gigantic app person -- my iPod Touch has the essentials for what I need, a few cutsey show-off things or games for the kids, so I figured I'd do the same with my Droid... yes and no. Here's a rundown of whats on my Droid right now, and what I think:

Alarmed Light - Used it because it has a feature where you're forced to answer math questions to turn the alarm off. Kinda forces you to shake the cobwebs out and get started.

Aloqa - Cool app that uses your GPS to let you know what's around. It's integrated with Yelp for food ratings. It has icons on its main screen for "Hot" (whatever that means), Yelp Restaurants, Coffee,, Music (showing me concerts in Denmark?!?), Playing Tonight (movies), Yelp Bars & Clubs, Real Estate, Wikipedia, ATMs, Pizza, Aloqa, Yelp Fast Food and then "Add more channels." It more or less does what it is supposed to; it's nice to look at.

BeamReader - a PDF viewer. I should uninstall since I bought "Documents to Go"

Bubble Burst Lite -- Windows Mobile Jawbreaker for the Droid.

ConnectFour - decent enough implementation. AI seems a little stupid sometimes.

Documents to Go - open Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF. Does good job at rendering PDFs.

Flashlight - turns your screen white. Doesn't seem to adjust for maximum brightness. Passable.

Flickr Droid - Droid needs a good Flickr app. This isn't it, but the best one I could find that uses the Flickr API to let me at my stuff, since a lot of my photostream is friends/family only.

FlightStats Lite - haven't had a chance to play with this. Will in January as I head to CES.

Goggles - Google's latest toy. Varies from wildly successful to "how did you not recognize the Pepsi logo?!?"

GPS Status - essentially a digital compass. Used when I was troubleshooting GPS on the phone.

Flixter Movies - quick and easy to get to where we have to go for Friday Morning Movie Club.

NYC Bus and Subway Map - not as interactive as I'd like. Literally a HiDef graphic of the map, and you can click thru to the MTA website for further details on the lines.

OpenTable - online restaurant reservations from . Decent.

Pandora - works well over 3G, tho I imagine it eats thru the quota pretty quick.

PicSay Lite - dopey photo editing thing. Makes speech baloons. Don't know why I downloaded this.

Poke a Mole - whack-a-mole for the phone. Fun game with a Giant Downside - even when phone is muted annoying background music plays. Have to go into game menu to mute it.

Remote RDP Demo - eventually I'll need to really use function keys when I Remote Desktop into a machine from my phone, but until then, the demo version does the trick.

Robo Defense FREE - I do enjoy the tower defense genre of casual gaming... so why not have it on my phone? (Hardly never play it. Seemed like a good idea.)

Shazam - this app still amazes me. Where did they get that song database???

Stopwatch - straightforward.

Sudoku Free - seeing it in my list makes me feel smart until I play it, thenI feel dumb.

The Weather Channel - it has a widget so I can glance at the home screen to see what it's going to be like... or rather I can look at the home screen and tell my wife what it's going to be like... (I had a weather widget on the Treo and missed it.)

TivoRemote - control the Tivo over WiFi. Nice, especially for text entry. The iPhone's version is better.

TRAFFIC! - A test app for me. Not in love.

Trap! - Another game, but its "draw a line" technology gets in the way of gameplay. Fun when it does what you want.

Tunes Remote - Control iTunes from the Droid. YAY! One of the big reasons I got the iPhone touch was to control the iTunes machine hooked to the outdoor speakers.

Twidroid Pro - From what I understand, the best Twitter client for the Droid. I'm happy with it. Does everything I need, but I am far from a Twitter power user, so some might find it lacking. They constantly update it which seems like they're interested developers.

US Traffic - Another traffic app that I tried before I realized Google Maps had a Traffic layer...

wpToGo - Allows me to post to WordPress from the phone... tho I have not had the need to do so.

What have I missed?

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