The C: Drive on My SBS 2003 Box Keeps Running Out of Space

For a while, Dell was shipping their Small Business Servers with a 12GB System partition.  While that may have seemed like a lot of space at one time, it's not amymore, and we're seeing clients' servers getting stressed out as they're pushing the limits of the partition size.

Upon setting up the server, moving the USERS share was always the first order of business.  Even when 12GB seemed roomy, it was obvious 15 users was going to eat their way through the share space in nothing flat, and a move to the data partition was in order.

The Health & Monitoring server was another space hog, with its database growing out of control until it expanded, like a gas, to fill all available space.  So, a quick reinitialization of the database clears up some space...

But a lot of these things are quick fixes, but there's a lot of them... so it was very nice of Microsoft to bundle all of them into a single document: Moving Data Folders for Windows Small Business Server 2003

The 600k Word Document is a tremendous little cookbook! It covers just about everything:

  • Step 1: Complete and Verify a Full Backup
  • Step 2: Notify Users that Resources will be Unavailable
  • Step 3: Move the Users Shared Folders
  • Step 4: Move the SharePoint Databases
  • Step 5: Move the Monitoring Database
  • Step 6: Move Exchange Databases and Log Files
  • Step 7: Move the Sent Faxes Folder
  • Step 8: Move the ClientApps Shared Folder

Thanks, SBS Team!

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