Sometimes it’s quicker to upgrade…

Visited a client today who was complaining of computer sluggishness among other issues, so I check the Microsoft Security Essentials and it says it's a few days out of date, but a manual attempt at updating failed with an error.  So, of course, I worry about infection getting in the way of doing updates, but it occurs to me he's still on MSSE 1.x and I upgrade him to 2.x and all is well, he can take updates again.  Yay.

Then I see the Windows Update shield, and I open it up much to my horror:

118 UPDATES?!?

So, at 2:05 PM, I clicked "AGREE" on a licensing agreement, and off we go...

I have a thread going over on Facebook...

JK (me): Shall we take bets as to how long this will take to run?

AF: I'll take the over on 5 reboots.

JS:  i am guess it will take 6 hours total. 5 hours and 45 minutes of annoying pop ups. 15 minutes of actual updating

JK: 2:10 - 2 security updates done... 0 reboots.

JK: ‎2:16 - 10 down, 0 reboots

JC: Don't forget Genuine Advantage.

JK: That's always last, isn't it?

JK: 2:36 19 down... 0 reboots.  (Net Framework installs take the longest.)

JK: 2:46 Update 22. Net Framework 1.1 SP1; see you in an hour. 🙂


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