Remote Servers in Filemaker Pro 9 on Windows 7 Clients

With Windows XP now pretty much impossible to get preloaded on new machines, our clients are finally moving to Windows 7 as their hardware refreshes.

A segment of our clients uses an application built upon Filemaker Pro, and they're running  v9.03 which isn't the most Windows 7 friendly version of Filemaker (that honor is reserved for any of the versions released in the last 3 years).  As we roll out Windows 7, we have found that databases hosted on remote servers don't show up in their Open Remote... dialog box.  The server appears, but the available databases do not populate.

Finally, after much searching, we have found the answer, thanks to a thread over at Filemaker Today forums which suggests copying the SERVER.PEM file out of a working machine's Filemaker Pro directory and copying it onto the failed machine will solve the issue, and lo and behold, we can confirm that does indeed work.

Thanks, Internets!

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  1. Worked great!! Thanks a lot!!

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