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Programs We Like: Artweaver

I'm a HUGE fan of Photoshop, but when I have lot of programs open and am running low on memory, it's sometimes tough to justify the long startup time to do a quick edit or convert something to JPG.

I stumbled upon Artweaver as a freeware equivalent of Photoshop.

Importing and Exporting Mail and User Accounts in Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 did away with the export account information that was present in earlier editions. So, if a user with one account moves machines, it's often faster to just recreate the account on the new machine. However, if a user has 8 accounts (like one did today) it's time to find a better way.

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Fixing Logon Failure errors in XP Home

A client running XP Home today had an issue with a machine running slowly, and in the (ab)normal course of troubleshooting, we came across some errors in the event viewer that caused us to reset the security descriptors back to their defaults... and in doing so, we broke his printer sharing.

Brothers In Arms –

I was working for a client late last night, applying the usual slew of patches Microsoft had given us on Tuesday. I rebooted the server, and when it came back up, it didn't bring Exchange with it.

Much gnashing of ensued. I€™ve recovered my fair share of Exchange stores, but this one just wasn€™t coming back.

Virtual Appliances’ LAMP, WordPress and mod_rewrite

I've been a big fan of VirtualAppliances' virtual machines for awhile now and have used its LAMP appliance for a variety of low-power applications, but I've wondered why it doesn't ship with mod_rewrite enabled, and why there's always a step missing from turning it on.

How To Clean Up After a SQL Injection Attack

NEW AND IMPROVED UPDATE: Cleaning Up After a SQL Injection Attack, Part 2

[UPDATE: Added code to deal with replacing text in the ntext fields of SQL Server 2000.]

One of our clients got hit with a web attack a week or so ago. We're still not quite sure how this particular attack was carried out -- we're thinking an unpatched web server at the hosting facility -- but it did cause me to look at the log file of the web site to see who might have been able to overwrite index.

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Microsoft Patch Breaks Zone Alarm

Got a call from a client today complaining that he could no longer access the Internet. He's running Zone Alarm 7.

Trek out to the site and lo and behold, we can ping IP addresses thru the firewall, but we can't resolve any names. Turns out DNS had a big hole in it, and it's been patched by the major vendors, Microsoft among them.

Get your Mac ready for the beach!

I've recently run into some space issues on my primary partition on my home Mac Mini. Not really problems, since I've got 200GB of additional storage attached to it, but you never want to have a primary partition wanting for space (on any system, as you need that "free space" for the page file/virtual memory).

On Windows machines, I recommend using a tool like SpaceMonger to profile your hard drive(s) and delete unwanted files, etc.

Stopping Shell Shortcuts from Resolving

We love Terminal Server. We think its a pretty great solution for small businesses; put a little more money into a server and you can keep your older hardware around.

In setting up our terminal server environments, we like putting shortcuts to various shares on the desktop.

Remotely Find MAC Addresses on Your Windows Network

I had to find the MAC address of a remote machine on my network this morning. Happily, WindowsXP (and above) make this easy.

They include a tool called getmac which does just that -- it gets the MAC address of any machine on the local network.

(This utility first made its appearance, it seems, as part of the Windows 2000 Resource Kit, and is available as a download from Microsoft.