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User Licensing Gotchas

Got a call from a client today who was unable to get his laptop to connect to his wireless network.

The client has a standard Linksys WRT54G which is sitting behind a WatchGuard SOHO router.  (The WatchGuard predated my involvement with the client, and we determined it was easier to use the WRT54G as an access point rather than ripping out the WatchGuard.

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SpamAssassin has Y2K + 10 Bug

Just a quick heads up, but Spam Assassin (which we use for filtering here at Jephens) has a mis-formed filtering rule which considers 2010 to be a "grossly in the future" and therefore can't be a valid date.

This might have been true in Y2K, but in 2010, we're not so gross.

Cleaning Up After a SQL Injection Attack, Part 2

Got a call today off our previous article in this series from Branden of Hot Media Group, Inc., aChicago-based web application development, networking, and graphic design firm who found himself with a database full of malware infections, but the characteristics of his attack didn't match what we had written about, so he called us up.

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Making Exchange Public Folders Store Mail Items as E-Mail

I keep coming up against this, and I keep forgetting it, so I figured I'd write it down here for all of our benefit.

Exchange 2003 allowed us to easily mail enable public folders, so something sent to info@domain.invalid would go to a public folder where any number of staff could monitor the mailbox.

My Droid Apps…

So, I'm not a gigantic app person -- my iPod Touch has the essentials for what I need, a few cutsey show-off things or games for the kids, so I figured I'd do the same with my Droid... yes and no. Here's a rundown of whats on my Droid right now, and what I think:

Alarmed Light - Used it because it has a feature where you're forced to answer math questions to turn the alarm off.

Virtual Floppy Saves The Day

A client has an oldish Dell Dimension 8400 with an Intel RAID card that requires you to "Press F6 to add Storage Drivers" when trying to repair Windows. This also means that UBCD4Win (my preferred repair tool) also doesn't recognize the drives.

Happily, Dell has a set of the drivers available.

Malware served from NY Times Website

I've gotten two calls from clients (OK, one was a client, the other my mother-in-law) saying they visited the NYTimes website and were attacked by malware.

This is true, they were. My MIL said she was trying to read Maureen Dowd and got hit with a rogue anti-spyware application.

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Offline Files, Domain Removal and csccmd.exe

A client came to us with an interesting problem -- his laptop was removed from his company's domain and his documents were no longer available to him. He could see the mapped drive, and the folders and files, but when he tried to launch any of the files, he got an "Access Denied" error.

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