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Virtual Floppy Saves The Day

A client has an oldish Dell Dimension 8400 with an Intel RAID card that requires you to "Press F6 to add Storage Drivers" when trying to repair Windows. This also means that UBCD4Win (my preferred repair tool) also doesn't recognize the drives.

Happily, Dell has a set of the drivers available.

Malware served from NY Times Website

I've gotten two calls from clients (OK, one was a client, the other my mother-in-law) saying they visited the NYTimes website and were attacked by malware.

This is true, they were. My MIL said she was trying to read Maureen Dowd and got hit with a rogue anti-spyware application.

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Offline Files, Domain Removal and csccmd.exe

A client came to us with an interesting problem -- his laptop was removed from his company's domain and his documents were no longer available to him. He could see the mapped drive, and the folders and files, but when he tried to launch any of the files, he got an "Access Denied" error.

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Fonts, Fonts and System Fonts

Back when Windows 3.1 came out, it shipped with "display" fonts -- these were bitmapped fonts and the precursor to True type fonts -- who knew they'd still be vital in Windows Server 2003.

A client had a problem with their Great Plains installation -- the fonts went all screwy and while they could still make out the display (barely) they couldn't print checks since the Mekorma font they were using wasn't playing nice.

Filtering Mailing Lists using Access and Outlook

In what is becoming a series, we'll further tweak our code to allow for filtering of the query.

In the original code, we open a query directly as a recordset. This fails if the query requires some parameters.

(I'm not going to demonstrate a way to get user input and use that as the parameter.

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Conficker Eye Chart

If you're worried about this <scary voice>virus of doom</scary voice> that everyone's gone mental over, you might want to pop over to The Conficker Eye Chart that the Conficker Working Group has put together.

Basicially, the eye chart is a page that loads images from sites that Conficker actively blocks.

Using Access and Outlook to Send To Mailing Lists

Perhaps the most popular article on the site explains how to send email to a bunch of people using Access and Outlook.

It has garnered its fair share of comments and emails, and one came in today that I figured I'd share and then elaborate on.

The mail reads (in part):

I have a following question: How to modify this module to be able to send messages to various mailing lists that I predefine in respective queries? In other words, I have in my database 3 categories of customers (in 3 different queries) andI want to address them with a different message.

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Handling Bogus Domains using SMTP Connectors in Exchange

Talking about SMTP Connectors in an earlier post got me to thinking of another way we use the SMTP Connectors in Exchange.

A client has a (horribly behaved) legacy piece of software that, when faced with a customer with no email address on file, sends an email to an address it makes up in a legitimate domain.

Bulk Deleting Outbound SMTP Queues in MS Exchange

A client is constantly getting hit with email attacks, and one such attack flooded the Exchange box with a couple hundred bogus NDRs which were trying to be delivered.

Removing these queues by hand is a royal pain, so I recalled a simple little kludge that would get all the bad mail into one queue so it could be deleted in one fell swoop instead of having to right click on every queue and choose "Delete all messages (No NDR)"

The steps are laid out pretty explicitly in a KB article from Microsoft, so I won't go into great detail here.

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