Installing Chrome on a Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server


Chrome is a pretty fantastic browser; in fact, I’m using it right now!  However, it wants to live in your AppData directory, and that’s a drag for users on Terminal Servers since administrators can’t easily install the application into that location, and users can’t install it themselves if they’re not administrators…

But Google has come to the rescue with an alternate installer that you can grab from their website:

So, log yoursef on the terminal server as an adminsitrator and download the Alternate installer for all user accounts.

Google is going to freak you out with a big button that says “Accept and Install” after you review the EULA.  DON’T PANIC! You;’ll be allowed to download the installer (ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe) and install it using the Programs app in the Control Panel, as you install all programs on the terminal server.  (You do use that, right?)

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  1. Apparently, chrome settings (like bookmarks or default startup page) are gone once a TS user has logged off and logs on again.
    Any idea?

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